Sunnyside Technologies, Inc

Renewable Energy Generation, Utilization, and Storage

Hydrogen Production and Storage

1. One step hydrogen production from hydrocarbons such as nature gas, propane, gasoline, and diesel is at similar cost as compared with the -state-of-the-art steam reforming (Natural gas price@ $6/1.0 MMBtu). At higher natural gas price, our process has a much lower production cost as compared with steam reforming. In addition, for each 1.0 Kg of hydrogen produced, at least 3.0 Kg of high purity solid carbon with tunable structure is generated, which is valued at least 3.0 dollars.

Specific applications are:

  1. Distributed high purity hydrogen (carbon monoxide-free) production using existing infrastructure for fuel cell and other industrial applications.
  2. On-site hydrogen production for oil refining using tail gases.
  3. Carbon black and hydrogen co-production.
  4. Hydrogen and Met-coke co-production.

This project was selected along with ten emerging companies in the Hydrogen Economy around the world to present at the Second Hydrogen Financial Forum in Washington D.C. On March 29, 2005. Several companies have shown great interest in licensing and co-development of the technology.

2. One-step, net shaped production of carbon nanofiber reinforced carbon composite has shown the highest density and strength with many potential high-end applications.

3. On-site hydrogen, fuel and power production allows the conversion of biomass and other wastes into value added chemical and energy.

4. Beating heart technology allows surgeons to perform open heart surgeries such as valve replacement and repair.