Sunnyside Technologies, Inc

Renewable Energy Generation, Utilization, and Storage

About Our Business

Sunnyside Technologies, Inc is a technology company engaged in the development and commercialization of advanced materials, processes and systems for the chemical, energy, and environmental, and biomedical applications.

Its hydrogen technology platform converts fossil fuels (NG, LPG, propane, and coal), renewable biomass, and wastes into hydrogen for distributed and centralized applications and power generation. Other products in the pipeline include nanocarbon and carbon nanofiber reinforced composites, catalytic conversion system and medical devices.

Sunnyside Technologies, Inc focuses on the following technologies:

  1. Advanced Materials and NanoTechnologies
    • Carbon nanofiber reinforced composite fabrication
    • Conducting polymer coating
    • Thin film deposition
    • Ceramic processing
    • Advanced inorganic membrane fabrication
    • Single crystal growth
  2. Chemical, Energy, and Environmental Technologies
    • Low cost hydrogen for oil refining
    • Fuel processing for Hydrogen Economy
    • Biorefining of biomass
    • Gasification of biomass and solid wastes
  3. Biomedical Technologies
    • Medical devices and surgical tools
    • Biomaterial and medical implants

Products and Services

  1. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies
    • NanoCarbon
    • Carbon nanofiber reinforced Carbon composite
    • Conducting polymer nanocomposite
    • Inorganic membrane module
    • Single crystals
  2. Chemical, Energy, and Environmental Products
    • Ultrahigh purity hydrogen generator
    • Turnkey distributed hydrogen plant
    • Low cost hydrogen production Process
    • Gasifiers for biomass and solid wastes
    • Low cost carbon black production process
  3. Biomedical Products
    • Cardiac vascular implants
    • Minimally invasive surgical tools
    • Beating heart percutaneous devices
    • Biocompatible coating
    • Drug eluting stent coating
    • Orthopeadic devices and implants

        Carbon nanofiber reinforced composite (net-shaped)
        Nanocarbon beads and articles
        Specialty single crystals

        Pyrolysis of hydrocarbons and biomass
        Gasification of carbon/coal, biomass and waste
        Partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
        Catalytic combustion and waste treatment
        Plasmas and microwave assisted reaction processes

         Equipment and system:
        Turnkey hydrogen generation from hydrocarbons
        Turnkey Hydrogen generator from methanol
        Turnkey biomass gasification and power generation system 1-3000KW
        Catalytic combustion and VOC removal units

        Medical implants (spine, hip, knees,cardiovascular devices and beating heart tools) under development.